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Title: That Was Harsh
Author: xolisile
Pairing: YehTeuk, mentions of KangTeuk
Note: This is part of a sequel to the story entitled “When Forever Ends”. You probably should read that first, but that’s up to you.
A list of all my work with links can be found in my user info. I also apologize for the lateness of this chapter. =_=; I rewrote it several times until I was some semblance of happy with it. :|

Part One: Something...
Part Two: An Answer

I remember when I first fell for JungSu. He had been running by, crying. KangIn had been running after him at some distance. I figured that if JungSu had wanted KangIn to catch him, he would’ve let him. I didn’t know what was going on—I later learned JungSu was heartbroken over KangIn—but I threw myself into the mix anyway. JungSu is beautiful when he cries.

He came to me about his troubles, most of which were about KangIn. I told myself I was content being his friend, and now I’m not sure I ever believed that. One day when I suddenly could no longer stand the feeling, I grabbed JungSu and silenced him by smothering him with a kiss, fully aware KangIn was watching us from around the corner. JungSu didn’t fight me, but once my head had cleared and I realized what I was doing, I released him and nonchalantly walked away.

After that, I made it very clear I wanted to be with JungSu. He knew it. KangIn knew it. Hell, I’m sure HeeChul’s cat knew it.

But JungSu was too absorbed in his battle with KangIn to acknowledge me. So imagine my surprise when I walked in on JungSu telling KangIn that everything had to stop, that he was done being heartsick, that he deserved better.

Me! My brain shouted. I’m something better!

My thoughts and reflection are interrupted by the sounds of people waking up and getting ready for the day. One of the guys was in the shower. Someone else has started breakfast, and I can only hope they don’t burn it. Sunlight filtered into the room I now share with JungSu, who was slowly stirring in my arms.

I kissed his nose. “Is it morning?” He asked, sleepy eyed as he poked his head up to glance around.

“I would hope so. That’s what they call it when it gets all sorts of light like this.” I answered with a short laugh. He whapped me lightly on the chest and groaned; one of those I-Don’t-Want-To-Get-Up-But-I-Have-To sorts of groans.

“Augh, it’s still a mess,” He murmured, seemingly to no one as he untangled himself from my arms and got up. Bending at the waist, he picked up a mess of folders and papers that had been apparently shoved to the floor. Standing back up straight, he pouted and went to drop the mess on his desk.

I laughed. “You’re so cute. I love you.” And then I promptly clamped a hand over my mouth. That was the first time I had ever said that to him. And no doubt, I did love him; I simply hadn’t meant to tell him like that…

JungSu froze. After several moments ticked by, he put the papers down slowly and turned around. “…what did you say?”

“Um,” I swallowed hard. Not quite the reaction I had been expecting. “I love you.”

“Oh. Okay.” He struggled for words, finally just shrugging. “That’s…nice. I’m going to go take a shower; it sounds like it’s free now.” And he grabbed his towel and bolted from the room.

“JungSu!” I cried, scrambling to get out of bed, and hurry after him. “JungSu, wait!” I caught him just before he shut the bathroom door. He tossed me a look I couldn’t quite read. “…Is that it? Just ‘okay’?”

“I have nothing more to say to you.” And then he slammed the door.

“I…I…” I had no idea what to do. Or say. I heard DongHae a ways down the hall laugh and declare “That was harsh!” I shot him a death glare and stomped away.

Well, fuck.
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