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Title: Anger Issues
Author: xolisile
Pairing: YehTeuk, mentions of KangTeuk
Note: This is part of a sequel to the story entitled “When Forever Ends”. You probably should read that first, but that’s up to you. A list of all my work with links can be found in my user info. I apologize for the lack of updates. I lost all my creativity for a while there and only just recently found it under my couch. ^^; I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Part One: Something...
Part Two: An Answer
Part Three: That Was Harsh
Part Four: Broken

I am going to kill him.

I saw JungSu, the traces of tears on his cheeks, and when the first thing out of his mouth was something about, “YoungOon,” I whirled and stomped off to find him.

JungSu’s pleas for me to wait fell on deaf ears. I hurried to our room, shrugged into a jacket, and headed for the door. I was going to find this bastard, and I was going to kill him. I’d had enough of him hurting JungSu—my JungSu.

I was about two blocks away before I became vaguely aware of JungSu’s presence still following me. I stopped, when I reached the corner, and turned around. He was trailing me at a slight distance. No longer was he crying, but staring resolutely at the ground beneath his shifting feet.

“JungSu,” I said, sighing. My anger at YoungOon evaporated for the time being, when I caught a good look of JungSu looking like a kicked puppy. He picked his head up, with hope shining from his eyes. I held my arms open and he came to me without any further prompting. Cradled against my chest, he broke down again; crying softly. I headed home, pulling him with me.

We sat on the couch, JungSu in my lap; my arms around his waist, his head on my shoulder, and my cheek against the top of his head, the both of us were silent.

“Tell me, JungSu.” I ventured after innumerable quiet moments had ticked by. “Please...tell me what happened today.” He shook his head. Of course not. That was asking too much, wasn’t it?

I felt my temper flare again, this time in annoyance at YoungOon for making JungSu like this; not JungSu himself. “Please,” My voice was soft, gentle. “JungSu, please. I love you. I need to know. I’m worried...”

But again he merely shook his head. I growled softly to myself, displaying the annoyance I felt.

“Don’t be angry at him.” He murmured, picking his head up to look over my face. “It’s my fault. I’m sorry. Please, be mad at me—not him.”

“Why do you keep trying to defend him?” I honestly wanted to know.

“It’s…it’s not his fault. It’s mine. I’m broken. Me.”

I exploded. “He’s the one hurting you! He’s the reason you’re upset! He’s the one who ‘broke’ you. Why would I be mad at you for everything he’s done?!”

JungSu sighed and pulled away from me, standing up and walking the short distance across the room. “Maybe this was a bad idea,” He murmured, his eyes distant. I could tell he wasn’t talking about our conversation.

Heart thumping wildly in my chest, I stood and went to wrap my arms around his from behind; my chin on his shoulder. I made up my mind in that moment.

I would show YoungOon. I would show him that we were above his mind games. That I loved JungSu with all my heart, and I would piece him back together, one shattered bit at a time. I would show him.

And then I was gonna kill him.

Whoo :D;
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