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Title: Secret Admirer
Rating: PG? For gaspomg! Boykissing
Pairing: Left completely ambiguous. Picture your favorite pairing and run with it. ^.~
Disclaimer: I totally own these boys. All of them. Oh hellz yeah. KangIn’s on a leash under my bed, dontcha know.
Length: Long enough.
Summary: Fluff. Lots and lots of fluff. Which is a nice break from the angst I normally write. X3

You walked into your bedroom that afternoon—on a break of course, you weren’t going to be done with work for hours yet!—and noticed a book on your pillow. It definitely wasn’t that one you lent to one of the guys. “The Secret Meaning of Flowers”, what was this supposed to be? You barely had time to read normal books, let alone books about flowers. Flowers were for girls anyway or something like that.

But you were definitely singing a different tune when you arrived home from work that night and found a bundle of yellow Chrysanthemums on your pillow where the book had been that afternoon.

You ignored them.

That is, until curiosity got the better of you, and you sat down at your desk with the book to look up what they meant.

Chrysanthemums- yellow; secret admirer

Well, what the hell.


You didn’t have much time to think about the book or the flowers the next day. Practice was hard; you had eighty billon other things to do as an entertainer, and drifted into your room late that night.

But there was a spring of Hyacinth waiting for you when you got back.

Hyacinth; sincerity

So you had a secret admirer, and they were sincere.



Your interest was roused by the book and the flowers that had started to appear, but activities soon got the better of you, and your secret admirer, for the flowers stopped for almost a month.

You had nearly forgotten them, until one day after lunch there was a sprig of Forget-Me-Nots on your desk. You didn’t need the book to know the meaning behind those.

And you resolved not to forget. In fact, you were going to get to the bottom of this.


You actively started to try and find out where these flowers were coming from; who was leaving them for you. You chatted to the guys about flowers; to the coordi-nunas to see if anyone else had mentioned anything that would aid you in your search. You followed every possible lead you could find. But yet...you turned up with nothing. The flowers stopped as well. Had you scared your secret admirer off?

Just when you were becoming dejected, two different bundles of flowers appeared on your bed.

Carnation- pink; gratitude
Stargazer Lily; ambition

It took some thought, but you realized that your secret admirer was telling you that they appreciated your efforts! They wanted to be found!

Hope renewed, you doubled your efforts.


You were relaxing in bed—taking a well deserved rest—when there was a sudden knock on the door. It wasn’t your roommate; he didn’t bother to knock on the door to his own room. You stood and went to answer the door.

But there was no one there. Only a bouquet of yellow tulips, with some Sweet Pea mixed in.

Tulips- yellow; hopelessly in love
Sweet Pea; shyness

This was only getting more interesting by the day. A plan started to form in your mind. You were going to figure out who it was. Tomorrow.


The niche in the wall by your room was a good place to hide. Especially when you faked sick out of work for the day, and were pretending to be holed up in bed. Your bedroom door was shut, and you were watching it like a hawk on mice.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon when he walked over with a several stems of white Chrysanthemums tied together with a short red string. You felt your heart jump at the sight. He knocked, left the flowers on the floor, and ran off quickly.

You hurried out of your hiding spot and grabbed the flowers, when a small piece a paper fell from in between the stems. Bending, you snatched it up and unfolded it.

White Chrysanthemums. Truth. Now you know.

You laughed, heartily. He must’ve seen you hiding; waiting. Hey, you were never really good at that sneaking thing anyway.


The next day you went out and bought a bouquet of flowers of your own. You smirked to yourself. It was time to turn the tables.

You spent the remainder of the day in your room, at your desk; the flowers you had acquired hidden quite well. Your heart seemed to pound in your ears when there was a sudden knock, and then once again, he entered the room, bearing flowers.

Roses- red; passionate love

His face burning, he handed you the flowers and mumbled something out of the corner of his mouth. It was quite endearing.

You could only smile, and pulled out the flowers you had gotten for him.

Althaea; consumed by love

His face light up immediately; recognizing the blooms. Someone had also been studying his flowers!

You stood, and scooped him up into your arms. “Now,” You murmured, lips dangerously close to his. “Aren’t you glad we’re done with that whole song and dance?”

“No pun intended?” He responded with a wry grin.

And then you kissed him senseless.

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